17 July 2011

Misteri Kapal Selam KURSK tenggelam tahun 2000

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Selawat dan salam buat Rasulullah s.a.w.

All sorts of theories of what really did cause the sinking of the ‘Kursk’ have emerged over the last 10 years. Russia, the Russian Navy and other ‘Russians’ are responsible for most of these theories; collision with a whale, collision with a World War-2 mine, collision with a ‘Western’ submarine, etc. All these theories were eventually more or less ‘denied’ by the Russians and also by official Russian authorities. Even last week(2010): read here.

Other theories come from ‘other sources’, such as the theory in which a US submarine torpedoed the ‘Kursk’, a theory by Michel Carre in his documentary ‘The Kursk, a Submarine in Troubled Water’ (video here). Yet, Mister Carre forgot that there was no collision between the ‘Kursk’ and a US submarine and that a US torpedo (whether a MK-48 or not) could not have been responsible for the ‘clean’ and perfectly circular (round) hole in the starboard side of the ‘Kursk’.

Yet, until now, no one could come up with a reasonable explanation on the perfectly round or perfectly circular hole in the starboard side of the ‘Kursk’, as had become apparent (visual) to the entire world as the ‘Kursk’ was lifted and put in a dry dock.

Gambar menunjukkan lubang misteri yang kemas yang menjadi penyebab kapal ini bocor seterusnya tersungkur lalu meletupkan bahagian simpanan peluru turpedo nya.

Kawasan lubang misteri terletak jauh dari kawasan simpanan peluru turpedo. Ia sengaja dibiarkan ada untuk siasatan lanjut.

Kesan kemek disekitar lubang kemas menunjukkan ia bukan ledakan kepala turpedo.

Why are there so many images of this perfectly round hole in the ‘Kursk’? Why are there so many images of men looking at this perfectly circular hole in the starboard side of the ‘Kursk’, just after it was ‘dry’ in this huge dry dock?(see the 'Dutchintell' photo gallery for more images here)
What about images of Admiral Popov standing in front of the perfectly round hole in the right side of the ‘Kursk’, this while he was expected to be standing in front of the ‘nose’ of the ‘Kursk’, where the real damage could be seen, where most of the Russian crew had died? Why is he showing others this perfectly circular or round hole in the ‘Kursk’? Why?

Now, ten years after the terrible ‘Kursk’ disaster in the Barents Sea in which 118 beloved men died, quite some questions still remain and despite several investigations and the final official version(Russia) on what caused the sinking of the ‘Kursk’, the most important question also still remains in the hearts and minds of so many……. The question that still needs to be answered and the question that deserves the answer so many are entitled to……; What really caused the K-141, RFS ‘Kursk’ to sink, taking the lives of all on board?


At the end of July, 2002, the governmental commission for investigation of the Kursk submarine accident finished its work, and its head, Ilya Klebanov, announced its findings, officially putting the Kursk incident to rest. So the official version has been stated: an exploding torpedo inside the sub is what caused the disaster.

Well, anyone who carefully followed the Kursk tragedy here in Russia knows that this official governmental story is a complete falsehood. Since the tragedy there have been many unofficial publications published in Russia shedding light on the matter, some of which we at the Orthodox Anti-Globalist Resource Center intend to translate and make available in English.

As you probably remember, the nose of the Kursk, was sawn off before the sub was raised, allegedly to avoid the possibility of an explosion during transport. Skeptics claimed that the government was really trying to leave the evidence for the real cause of the disaster on the ocean floor.

Their suspicions were increased by the fact that no pictures of the sub's nose were ever shown to the public. It's possible that the nose of the sub was completely undamaged, for example, which would destroy the government's official explanation of the disaster.

But the official cover-up went awry when the sub was finally raised, for there, for all to see, was a perfectly round hole on the sub's hull, just at the point where the nose had been sawn off, apparently they sawed in the wrong place.

This hole was bent in at the edges, and could only have been caused by impact of an external object traveling at an extremely high speed. This article, which appeared in Russky Vestnik last November, written by one of that publication's readers, will take up the story from here...


Contoh ledakan turpedo.

Gambar lubang hasil dari ledakan turpedo tidak membentuk bulatan yang tepat.

Misteri ini telah dibongkar oleh seorang waliAllah kepada rakan saya 10 tahun lepas. Mungkin ramai yg tidak percaya dengan statement dari waliAllah itu tetapi sains sendiri tidak dapat membongkarnya. Insya Allah akan saya kongsi rahsia ini akan datang.

 Wallahu A'lam. Hanya semata-mata limpah kurnia dan rahmat dari Allah Ta'ala.

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